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Avery Gazel, BIE & Nutrition

Optimize your health & eliminate stressor related symptoms, naturally.

Avery's Health & Wellness o ffers natural treatments and whole foods to assist in healing the body and creating a natural balance, know as homeostasis. As a Registered BioEnergetic (BIE) Practitioner, Avery Gazel specializes in the relief of food intolerances of all kinds. Avery can help you get results through the non-invasive, drug free modality of BIE, therefore alleviating suffering.

Avery's use of natural remedies extends to her training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Esthetician. She is passionate about helping others to optimize their health through personalized nutrition plans and natural skin care.

Avery Gazel R.BIE, RHN
Registered BioEnergetic Practitioner & Registered Holistic Nutritionist
184 Station Street, St. Marys Ontario
Call for an appointment (519) 274-4909